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Tyrone Taylor’s experience and success in the public and private sectors led him to found Capitol Advisors on Technology (CAT) in 2003. In the beginning, CAT was a boutique firm working with several federal agencies to meet the challenges of sourcing new technologies and assisting in their commercialization. Specifically, CAT focused on leveraging federally sponsored research by transferring technologies for use in both the public and private sectors to provide greater benefits for all.

While the technology transfer work was rewarding, CAT decided to expand into other areas including business development and program management. With that change, the company has worked in several areas such as information technology, healthcare, and homeland security. Along the way, CAT learned from other firms and formed strategic partnerships that expanded the client base and had a positive impact on our efficiency and stability.

Today CAT is a successful firm with approximately 45 employees and consultants who provide exceptional services to a range of clients. CAT’s goal is to provide the best talent to help our customers succeed. Moreover, CAT is a firm that recognizes its staff are critical to its success, requires everyone to abide by its core values, and strives to maintain an inclusive and supportive work culture.

Tyrone C. Taylor

President & CEO

Tyrone C. Taylor is the President and CEO of Capitol Advisors on Technology (CAT), a firm that provides exceptional talent vital to helping its clients succeed. Prior to leading CAT, Mr. Taylor held senior management positions at NASA and in the private sector, collaborated with leaders from federal agencies, private sector businesses, and non-profit organizations and served on various committees. Throughout his career, he demonstrated a commitment to excellence and a focus on results. Mr. Taylor’s work history and accomplishments serve as the foundation for CAT’s core values.

Mr. Taylor worked for NASA for over 20 years and held key positions in the Office of Space Station, the Office of Policy and International Affairs, the Office of Education, Office of Space Science, and Office of Inspector General. Mr. Taylor also served as the Washington, D.C. Representative for the Federal Laboratory Consortium (FLC) for Technology Transfer and played a key role in building public/private partnerships and drafting key legislation. In addition to working at NASA, Mr. Taylor was the Vice President for an IT Services company and managed business development activities for information technology and health care solutions. In addition, he was the Director for a High Technology Consortium Foundation and provided management support on technology development programs for the Departments of Defense, Homeland Security, Commerce, and NASA.

Mr. Taylor served on the National Science Foundation’s Advisory Committee, as well as committees supporting the Center for Commercialization of Advanced Technologies, and the National Academy of Sciences. He also made several contributions as a member of the National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA) by serving as Chair of the Small Business Division and an Executive Committee Member of the Health Affairs Division.

Mr. Taylor earned his master’s degree in Business and Public Administration from Southeastern University, Washington, D.C., and his Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration from Wilmington College, Ohio.  Mr. Taylor has received several awards for his contributions including the NASA Exceptional Service Award, NDIA’s National Gold Medal, and the FLC Harold Metcalf Award.

CAT’s Core Values:

CAT’s  core values are the principles that guide everything. Our core values set the tone for the work environment and contribute to our company’s success. CAT expects its staff to always :

Program Management

We provide hands-on assistance and strategic oversight that helps our clients execute their programs effectively.

Program Reviews

Our team evaluates the status and effectiveness of programs, provides objective, fact-based analysis, and identifies changes.

Research and Innovation

Our subject matter experts conduct customized fact-based research to identify and help our clients implement new or improved ideas.

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